About the artist

"I was born in 1945 in London, and have painted and drawn as far back as I can remember. More than that, I've always felt the visual mediums are where I belong.

After studying Art at Camberwell for 2 years (long enough for both them and I!), my travels took me to Canada, where I lived and worked for several years. With the cultural explosion of the 1960's echoing around me, I began to discover the magnitude of the unseen.

My art in a sentence is the unseen, represented visually but, of course, not as is.

So, I hope that gives you at least an insight into the paintings you see in the gallery."

Jane Daunt deals in the art of the unseen. her exquisite intricate images show a feeling and fascination for what happens "in the spaces between people and things"
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Jane Daunt 2009